Monday, November 14, 2011

Fun October Happenings

October was such a busy month for us!!! I am trying to catch up with my blogging and as you can tell I never want to leave anything out so it may take me a little while :-) In the beginning of October Olivia went to her first dentist appointment. I had to post this picture, because she is the only child I have ever met that couldn't wait to go to the dentist! She talked about it all week (since I thought I would prepare her ahead time). She was so excited and couldn't wait to go. At this point I was a little surprised that she was so ecstatic about going to the dentist, but I still had my concerns that it may not be as exciting when we actually got there.

Well, I was wrong! Olivia was still excited when we got to the dentist's office, and then sat smiling in the chair...she let him count and clean all of her 20 little teeth along with getting a fluoride wash. The dentist was so surprised that she did so well (and was excited the entire time) and he said she needs to come in and demonstrate to the other kids how to get their teeth cleaned. After her appointment she talked about how exciting it was all week long and retold the story to everyone. She has since asked me when she can go back and do it all over again :-)
On October 12th we went to dinner with my family (except my sister Taylor who is away at college-we missed you Tay) to celebrate Katie's 23rd Birthday. We met at Chili's where we had dinner, sang Happy Birthday, and gave Katie (a.k.a. Aunt Katie) her presents. It was so nice to get to celebrate her birthday with her this year, because last year we were still in California. Ever since Katie and I were little we have always celebrated our birthdays together because our birthdays are both in October. This year we decided to celebrate them individually and we had two separate birthday dinner celebrations, which was so much fun.
Opening presents...
Olivia made Aunt Katie a beautiful picture :-)
Singing "Happy Birthday"...
In the middle of October we took the girls to a pumpkin patch near our house. The girls enjoyed all of its festivities including a train ride, pony rides, petting zoo, fun house, potato sack slide, and picking out their pumpkins. It was a very windy Chicago day so we bundled up and enjoyed a few hours outside welcoming fall.
The petting zoo was a big hit with the girls, because they were able to hand feed all of the animals.
Olivia trying to choose the biggest pumpkin should could carry.
Brooklyn choosing her pumpkin, which was just the right size for her little hands.
The girls picked out a baby sized pumpkin for their future sibiling :-)

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