Monday, March 26, 2012

Snow Days

I am determined to catch up on blogging now that I have some down time in the next few weeks. I am really behind as usual but some how I always manage to catch up. Well I can not complain about this winter in Chicago because it was really mild. We barely got any snow and the temperature was bearable. Although the girls were bummed that they didn't get to build a snowman this year because of the lack of snow, we still had a few snowy days. Olivia loves the whole winter experience of getting bundled to go play in the snow and then coming back inside to enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate :-)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Brooklyn's Birthday Party

On January 8th we celebrated Brooklyn's 2nd Birthday by throwing her an Elmo themed party!! There are not many things that Brooklyn loves more than that little red furry monster! She was so excited to have Elmo decorations everywhere and be the center of attention for the day. She looked absolutely adorable in her party outfit consisting of an Elmo t-shirt, skinny jeans, Elmo vans, and two giant bows on her head. We had a wonderful afternoon celebrating little miss Brooklyn with our family and friends.

A few days before her party Aunt Tay Tay gave Brooklyn her present so that she could wear them at the party :-)
Invitations for Brooklyn's party.
Party Decorations...
The table centerpieces were blocks and Goldfish crackers in fish bowls because Elmo's best friend is his fish Dorothy.
We had the usual themed cd playing Sesame Street songs and everyone wrote a special message to Brooklyn in the "Elmo Loves You" book.

Since my mom had a bunch of old Sesame Street toys from when I was little I used them as party decor setting them out all over the house.
An Elmo party wouldn't be complete without a Sesame Street sign!!
I made banners with Sesame Street alphabet cards.
As guests were arriving my sisters decided to play one of Olivia and Brooklyn's favorite games-"London Bridge is Falling Down" (so random lol) and all of the kids started to join in. They love the part where they get "locked up" and it was so funny watching them.
Party Pictures...
Opening presents...
Cake time...
My friend Taylor's adorable Elmo cookies!!
More party pictures...
Game time...
There were only a few little kids at the party so we played "Hot Potato" and "Hide and Seek" with Elmo.
The prizes were Sesame Street coloring books and crayons.
For favors all of the kids home went home with ABC Elmo books, Sesame Street stickers, and flash cards.
Thank you everyone for joining us in celebrating Brooklyn turning 2!!!