Monday, June 21, 2010

Our First Road Trip

While my sister was visiting we took an unexpected trip to Arizona to visit our Grandma. We drove the six hours over Memorial day weekend and spent four days with family. It was our very first road trip with the girls!! We had so much fun driving and the girls were so great! I couldn't believe how well they did and I look forward to our next road trip!! Unfortunately, Brian wasn't able to get off work and join us.

We had a wonderful visit & it was nice for all of my family in Arizona to meet Brooklyn for the first time. Olivia enjoyed playing with her cousins and swimming at my aunt's house. We loved spending time with my Grandma and hearing stories about my Dad when he was little.

Here is a picture of my Grandma Beninato who just celebrated her 75th Birthday in June.

All of the girls....

While visiting Arizona we stayed with my Aunt Susie and her family. Below is a picture of my cousin Jessica with my sister and Brooklyn.

Brooklyn laughing at my Aunt Susie....

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