Wednesday, December 28, 2011


The week of Thanksgiving the girls were sick so we laid around the house and rested hoping they would be feeling better by Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving day Brooklyn still had a temperature so we decided to go to Nana's house because she said to come sick or not and the girls could lay around at her house. So, after breakfast the girls opened their Thanksgiving books (a tradition we have started in our family by giving the girls books on holidays because they love them so much) and then we headed to Nana's house to relax and enjoy a nice little dinner with my family. Daddy stopped by Aunt Nicole & Uncle Brad's house and had lunch with his side of the family because we didn't want to get anyone sick over there. We had delicious food and enjoyed spending time with family and reflecting on all the things we are thankful for. Although the girls were under the weather we still had a wonderful day :-)
Over Thanksgiving weekend we went to my Aunt's cabin at the Grand Bear Resort in Utica, Illinois and had fun entertaining the girls at the indoor amusement park and enjoying a home cooked meal my mom made. And of course we stayed up late playing board games with my family, which according to Brian is the norm if there are more than three Beninato's in a room we are playing a board game (lol). We love playing games as a family. We only stayed for one night but it was a fun little getaway.

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