Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A little bit of this & a little bit that

In the middle of January Brian surprised me with a trip to Miami for just the two of us!! We never had a honeymoon so we (or at least I) decided this would be it! It was our first time leaving the girls, but it was time. The girls stayed with both my in-laws and my mom. We were gone for 4 days and it was just right, because after 4 days away from our girls we were anxious to get home and see their little smiling faces. Miami was a blast!! We had so much fun just relaxing and not having an agenda. We stayed in a hotel on the beach in North Beach and we rented a new Camaro, which was the car that Brian drove when we first started dating. While in Miami we enjoyed romantic dinners, went shopping, and even got to go see a movie (which we couldn't remember the last time we had done). It was so sweet of Brian to put the whole trip together without me even knowing it! He absolutely loves surprising me:)

Okay so I know I am a dork but I had to post a picture of Brian on his 1st day of school, because it is sort of a family tradition that my mother started when we first went to preschool! Since becoming a mom I have definitely followed in my mom and my grandmother's foot steps of taking a lot of pictures and capturing every special moment I can on film. Brian had to wear his uniform in order to check in at school so that made the picture even cuter!
(He literally leaves everyday with this many bags between school and the NROTC program! lol)

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  1. Such a fun surprise...awesome job B! I love that Brian even looks excited you are taking his picture what a good sport! :)