Thursday, January 20, 2011

Brooklyn's Firsts

Brooklyn has changed so much in the past few months. She has had many new "firsts." While we were staying with my in-laws for the month of November until we moved into our new place, Brooklyn started talking, walking, and becoming more independent. She said her first word "uh-oh" when she dropped her cup during breakfast one morning! It was so cute! Olivia and I just looked at each other and started laughing. Soon after, she was saying "Hi," "Da-Da", "Ma-Ma", "Papa", "Nana", and she now even says "dank du" which is her version of "thank you". It's so cute to see her learning and actually saying words in the right instances and directed towards people. It has become a pattern in our family to talk before walking-go figure! lol We are definitely a talkative family;)

Then, on November 17th at 9 days short of 11 months old, Brooklyn took her very first steps all by herself!! Before we knew it she was walking on her own all over the place. Since then she has mastered walking and tries to go faster by the day in order to catch up with Olivia. Also, she has gotten 6 more teeth within a month and a half! The poor girl! But it didn't stop Brookie from being her normal smiley self, she is one tough cookie!! It is adorable to see her smile with a mouth full of teeth:-)

Brooklyn when she first started walking in November....

Brooklyn walking now....

Brooklyn's 1st Thanksgiving
Almost time for bed-the thumb is in!
And I had to include a picture of Livie....
Olivia & Aunt Kate during our stay @ GG & Papa's.

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