Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Baby Shower

On March 24th my mom and my mother-in-law threw us a baby shower.  I know this is my third baby but we really wanted to celebrate this baby as we did with Olivia and Brooklyn.  And with us being in Illinois this time around it was so nice to have all of our friends and family there with us.  It was supposed to be a surprise (although I sort of found out before I was supposed too! Ooops!) so I didn't know anything except that our moms were putting something together.  It was so cute how they did a baseball theme (because that is our nursery theme which I will post pictures of later) and included creative details, which they knew I would appreciate.  

The banner hanging outside that my mother-in-law got so that we can reuse it for Harrison's Birthdays.  The front lawn was also covered in real baseballs (forgot to take a picture).
My mom put together these adorable centerpieces.
My sister-in-law made the baseball cake (forgot to snap a picture before it was cut) that was the most delicious cake ever! 
My mom made marshmallow pops for dessert too.
There was baseball themed decorations all over the place including bases, baseball mitts, & more.
All of the little girls went home with a baseball themed goody bag full of baseball goodies.
Family photos...

Pictures with everyone...

Opening gifts...

Party pictures...

My family is goofy and we have this weird tradition of taking silly pictures after we take the real pictures so this time I thought I would include some of them and may I say my sister Katie does some good ones (LOL).

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