Friday, April 20, 2012


Since I am such a slacker these days on the Blog scene I figured I would post pictures from a couple holidays together...

This year on Valentine's Day we celebrated the day of love by hanging out at home eating heart-shaped foods, playing with some little presents we bought the girls, & meeting Brian for dinner after his day at school.  I had fun spending the day with my Valentines and sharing their love.  <3 <3 <3 

This year on St. Patrick's Day we had so much fun!!!  We started off the day by giving the girls their St. Patrick's Day books before heading to the hospital for a sibling class.  The girls were so cute at the class where they learned how to care for their new sibling on the way.  The class taught them how to help change diapers, what their responsibilities are as big sisters, & they also got to take a tour of the nursery :-)  After the class we went to GG & Papa's house for a St. Patrick's themed family game night.  We enjoyed playing games with the family and eating a delicious dinner together.  

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