Friday, February 25, 2011

Brooklyn's First Birthday

We celebrated Brooklyn's 1st Birthday on December 26th!! I can't believe she is already one!! With her Birthday being the day after Christmas there was so much going on and it was one celebration after the next. It was so much fun!! On her Birthday we decided to stay home and let the girls open up all of their new toys they had gotten for Christmas, because with going from one party to the next they didn't get to play with any of their presents. They had a blast playing with all of their new toys. My brother & sisters came over during the day to hang out with us and help with the toy assembling. My Mom came out later in the day and all of us went out to dinner to celebrate Brooklyn turning one.
Family photo
Olivia helping Brooklyn open her present from her:)
Singing "Happy Birthday"....

....and Brooklyn's first taste of chocolate :-)
My whole family @ dinner
Aunt Kate & Liv

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  1. Thanks for your blog. Makes me feel that I don't miss out too much. Sad that I'm such a fraidy cat about driving places I'm not familiar with. But your blog keeps me well informed as well as our conversations. Hugs & Kisses as always. Love Gram