Monday, February 20, 2012

New Year's Eve

On New Year's Eve we went to my In-laws house for a night full of fun!!! We played games, enjoyed yummy snacks, watched the countdown, and celebrated the beginning of 2012 :-) New Year's Eve will always have a special meaning to Brian and I because eight years ago he proposed to me on New Year's Eve at midnight!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Brooklyn turns 2!!!

On December 26th we celebrated Brooklyn's 2nd Birthday :-) We spent the day at home relaxing and the girls played with all of their new toys. Brooklyn opened her Birthday presents from us and we sang "Happy Birthday" to her with a delicious ice cream cake. Brooklyn has grown up so much this past year and she is such a big girl now!! She is full of personality and always tries to make everyone laugh. Brooklyn never stops talking and she always has a smile on her face. Olivia is her best friend and they are just adorable together. I can't believe how quickly the girls are growing up and I just want to savor every moment.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Christmas Part II

Over New Years weekend we celebrated Christmas with my family. My mom had her side of the family over for dinner and we exchanged presents. It was nice being able to enjoy the entire day with our families this year and not having to hurry to the next party. So, even though it was hard not seeing my family over Christmas, it actually worked out for the better. We went to Nana's (my mom) house on New Year's Day in the afternoon and spent time with my family before the extended family arrived. It was fun pretending it was Christmas all over again (my mom even left her Christmas tree up) and the girls got spoiled with more presents (even baby Harrison got Christmas presents)!!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Christmas Part I

Well it seems so like me to be posting for December in February. What can I say... I have been busy and haven't gotten the chance to catch up on my blog posting (so forgive me). It feels like we have been battling the winter cold and flu season for a good three months now and the Giaretta house just can't seem to stay healthy.

Anyways, in our families we celebrate Christmas the whole month of December. Having two big families, we tend to have holiday parties all month long. The weekend before Christmas we went to Brian's grandparents house (Grandpa & Grandma Binkowski) to celebrate Christmas with them. We had a delightful afternoon having lunch together, exchanging presents, and just relaxing.
Usually we spend Christmas Eve and Christmas with both my family and Brian's family. We end up going back and forth from one party to the next, but this year was different. Because my Mom was sick over Christmas, we decided to postpone my family's celebration until over New Years weekend.

On Christmas Eve the girls were a bit under the weather so Brian and I went to separate Christmas Eve services (so that we could both go) while the other one watched the girls at home. I was bummed not to be surrounded by my family at church but the Willow Creek North Shore Christmas service was so incredible. There was so much love and worship present that it made me feel as if I was surrounded by family-my church family :-) After going to service we debated whether we should take the girls to the family Christmas party that night. They seemed better after resting all day so we decided to head over to Brian's grandparents house (Grandpa & Grandma Giaretta) for the traditional Christmas Eve party. There we enjoyed visiting with family, eating dinner together, and watching the kids open presents.
On Christmas morning we awoke to see that Santa had visited our house :-) The girls ripped into the presents under the tree and they were so excited to see that Santa ate the cookies they left for him!! He even left them a little note :-) Olivia was so happy that she got a firetruck, which she asked Santa for (lol) and Brooklyn got her very own Bitty Baby. When present time was finished we got dressed and headed over to Papa & GG's house (Brian's parents). On our way we stopped at the cemetery to visit my dad's grave and the girls blew kisses up to heaven to grandpa :-) The rest of the day we spent at Brian's parent's house where we enjoyed the day lounging with family, eating a fabulous lunch, opening even more presents (it seems to never end in our families), and spending time with the people we love.